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Currently, a porous material has been extensively developed in many areas of applied science and engineering. The characteristics of porous material is most often determined by its porosity. In this paper, we present a quantitative analysis of pores in a material according to image processing methods. An micrograph from electron microscopy (SEM) was analyzed by using Wolfram Mathematica. From our study can be obtained some informations about pore percentage (porosity), pore size,  ratio aspect, and distribution of pore size in the materials.

Keywords: pore, image processing, Wolfram Mathematica

Saat ini, material berpori telah dikembangkan secara luas di banyak bidang sains terapan dan teknik. Karakteristik dari material berpori seringkali ditentukan oleh porositasnya. Dalam makalah ini, kami menyajikan menyajikan analisis pori dalam suatu material berdasarkan metode pengolahan citra. Suatu mikrograf dari mikroskopi elektron (SEM) kami analisis dengan menggunakan Wolfram Mathematica. Dari penelitian kami dapat diperoleh beberapa informasi tentang persentase pori (porositas), ukuran pori, aspek rasio, dan distribusi ukuran pori dalam material.

Kata kunci: pori, pengolahan citra, Wolfram Mathematica

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